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Keepsake Pillows by aliz
In Birmingham, AL

In Atlanta, GA


KeepSake Pillows is a mother/daughter team (Elizabeth and Alicia Jalyne.) dedicated to preserving your most precious memories on a pillow. We started out at Christmas time with the perfect holiday gift idea. After the holiday season ended, we added a poem and the Memorial Pillow was born. Next we thought, what about a collage....and thus the Graduation pillow came forth. We are happy to find creative ways to display beautiful photos. We are not sure what will happen next, but we welcome it with great joy.


After sitting through a class on "Proverbs 31 - The Virtuous Woman", I saw this Woman cooking, cleaning, sewing, AND operating her own business. I took inventory of my 'skill set' and to my amazement, my skills were very limited in all of those areas. After witnessing Martha Stewart make a pillow out of a torn shirt, I decided, I should at least learn how to sew. As an advocate of 'personalized' things, I decided that photo pillows would be my goal. After many excruciating hours of trial and error, KeepSake Pillows was born. The initial plan called for Alicia to do the photo enhancements and Elizabeth would do all of the sewing. Fortunately,  the demand was too great,  so Alicia had to roll up her sleeves and start sewing. Elizabeth - retired and 'technically challenged' had to invest in a computer and learn some software skills.
 Now, we operate out of 2 offices - Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL with hopes of expanding further. We have been truly blessed by this project and our mother/daughter relationship has reached a new level. We hope you enjoy your KeepSake pillow, and please recommend us to a friend.
Elizabeth and Alicia J.

Future Goals
Our long term goal is to assist other start-ups in developing and deploying their product or service. We would like to develop an army of entrepreneurs skilled at fighting the war on debt and maintaining financial freedom.

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